Our Services


The data maybe in the form of text books, journals, periodicals in hardcopies or their images:

  • The data is key punched into a computer in any word processing software.
  • Character level verification is done of the keyed data. A second keying using the initial keyed data does this.
  • ASCII file or formatted document is generated as specified by the client.
  • Accuracy achieved upto 99.995%.


The data may be handwritten/typed/printed forms, directories in hardcopies or as image:

  • The data is key punched into a computer in an inhouse software, in the client specified format.
  • The key punched data is verified. Verification is done on character level. This is usually known as 'double keying process.
  • Quality control. Program level checks of the data is done. Quality parameters are specified by the clients.
  • Accuracy upto 99.99% achieved.


Paper or Digital Input

We convert publishing material from any source paper or digital. Paper source is scanned to an editable format. We can convert most digital formats to an ebook. Some of the formats are:

  • PDF
  • InDesign
  • QuarkXpress
  • XML
  • Pagemaker
  • Word/RTF

eBook Output Formats

With several ebook reading devices in the market there is no standard format followed for ebooks. Amazon's Kindle readers support the MOBI format where as Apple's devices such as ipad, iphone support the EPUB format along with Barnes & Noble's Nook reader. There are several versions of the Kindle format the latest being the KF8. For the EPUB the versions are EPUB, EPUB2, EPUB3.
Our eBooks would include all the components necessary for easy navigation and display in reading devices. Components such as:

  • Engineering/Mechanical Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Topographical Maps
  • Plans & Profiles


The data maybe in hardcopies or images:

  • The data is converted to text format either by manual key punching or scanning/ocr as the case may be.
  • The text file is converted to html document after coding with standard html codes.