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Outsource Forms Processing Services to India

Outsource Forms Processing Services to India Does your organization have large amounts of data in forms like invoices, insurance claims, surveys, questionnaires etc? Forms processing is an exhaustive job for all organizations. Digitization of forms is a labor intensive job and organizations who do it in-house are deviating from their core competencies. Do you want to automate the conversion of forms to computer media at low cost and high accuracy levels? We are the right people to take care of your forms processing requirements.

Outsourcing your forms processing to eDataShop, will give you access to experienced professionals, infrastructure dedicated to your project. We integrate our experience with latest state-of-art technology to help streamline your processing needs thus enabling you to deploy your resources in other functions. We follow ISO 9001: 2008 certified quality control processes.

We have the experience of working on forms processing projects with different complexities for the last fourteen years. These projects have been from different industry segments giving us the expertise to gauge your requirements, irrespective of your industry, and come up with a credible solution.

Our forms processing services include extracting data from structured and unstructured forms and storing in a database of your specification. We maintain your data securely and confidentially. The data is extracted very efficiently using high speed scanners and form reader tools. The end product is delivered via secure FTP servers or as encrypted files at very low costs.

Basic Process followed by us :

The basic process followed by us to ensure that our client's requirements are fulfilled efficiently at low costs are.

  • Our business development team analyzes your requirements and defines a forms processing method which would suit your business model.
  • The forms processing method is then adopted by the implementation team either through a forms reader tool or by designing an electronic form which can collect, collate and generate reports.
  • A very stringent quality check procedure is followed by the quality checking team. Our quality control processes are ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Benefits of Outsourcing :

Some of the benefits of outsourcing your forms processing services to eDataShop

  • Adhere to time lines agreed to before start of contract
  • Highly skilled and trained workforce experienced in handling forms processing services of different complexities and nature.
  • Quality control process ISO 9001: 2008 certified.
  • Data uploads to secure FTP server or through encrypted PGP files.
  • Low cost model ensuring major savings for you.
  • Strong communications and follow-up by a dedicated customer service agent.

Functions where we provide our forms processing services

We have serviced numerous clients who have been highly satisfied with our forms processing services. Some of the functions where we provide our forms processing services are:

  • Payroll
  • Warranty cards
  • Accounts, tax and legal forms
  • Insurance claims
  • Online form processing
  • Order fulfillment
  • Invoices
  • Surveys
  • Market research
  • Resume Processing
  • Medical Forms
  • Application forms

If you would like to assess the competency and quality of work provided by eDataShop, please fill in the inquiry form and our Business Development Team will contact you.

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