Data Conversion Services

Outsource Data Conversion Services to India

Outsource Data Conversion Services to India Data conversion services is the conversion of data formats, organize content to create electronic documents, populate databases. At eDataShop we can help with your data conversion requirements making your data ready for intelligent use.

Having fifteen years of experience we can handle data conversion projects of varying complexity. Our data conversion services are time bound and cost effective. Our experienced personnel coupled with the use of state-of-the-art technology ensures very high accuracies. We follow very stringent quality control processes which is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Data Conversion Services

eDataShop has expertise in handling a wide variety of formats. Some of the data conversion services we provide are :

  • Quark, FrameMaker and PageMaker into XML, SGML/HTML
  • Hard copy, /Portals/0, microfilms, microfiche to digitized formats
  • Data capture, indexing and archiving
  • Books to XML, SGML/HTML, editable PDFs and MS Word documents
  • Conversions between PDFs, Word and Excel
  • Image Digitization

eDataShop's data conversion services benefits

eDataShop's data conversion services benefits organizations in many ways, some of which are :

  • Data protection
  • Prevention of data loss
  • Data which is structured and digitized which helps improve usability
  • Simplify complex and voluminous data
  • Data converted to format of choice saving huge costs for redevelopment
  • Efficient storage of data for future use

At eDataShop we follow very strict data security policies and ensure your data is never compromised.