OCR Cleanup Services

Outsource OCR Cleanup services to India

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is in use by most organizations across the globe as it is a fairly automated process for conversion of information on paper/images to digitized data using software like PrimeOCR, ABBY FineReader etc. OCR generated data cannot be used on the fly in most cases as it has numerous errors. This is specially true for formated data like tables, older manuscripts where print is not very clear, technical data etc. To make the data usable a cleanup service is required.

At eDataShop, we perform OCR cleanup services wherein OCR files are compared manually with the original images and inaccuracies corrected. The resultant data is near error free.

The process we follow for OCR Cleanup

  • OCR - Software like PrimeOCR, ABBY FineReader are used to convert images of books, journals, manuals, questionnaires to digitized files.
  • Cleanup - There are two methods one is recognition where error words are compared to the original image in the OCR software and corrected manually. The second process is to open the OCR document in text editors like MS WORD, EXCEL and look for errors through a combination of spell check and intelligent searches.
  • Save to required format - The corrected document is saved to the required format. Any formatting, if required, lost during OCR, is also fixed to create a digitized copy of the original.

Benefits of Outsourcing OCR/OCR Cleanup Services

Some benefits of outsourcing your OCR/OCR cleanup services to eDataShop are :

  • Trained manpower -Our workforce is highly trained and proficient in the English language. At the same time they are trained for working on other languages using the Roman character.
  • Low Cost - We work on a low cost model. This leads to major cost saving for the clients.
  • Timeliness - Our workforce is always monitored for delivery of data within schedule.
  • Multiple Formats - We can work with many formats of source documents like TIF, JPEG, GIF, PNG etc and deliver cleaned up data is a format of your choice.