Effectively enter Handwritten forms & documents

India Data Entry : Effectively enter Handwritten forms & documents

Many of the data entry projects which are outsourced require data to be captured off handwritten forms or documents. Legibility of the forms and documents is a key constraint in processing them. Operators have to be sufficiently trained to decipher handwritten material.

Knowledge of the English language

is a major factor for data entry of handwritten forms or documents. An operator whose English proficiency is fairly high could figure out many words which are otherwise illegible going by the sense of the sentence in handwritten documents. This holds true for the free text column of handwritten forms too.

Training operators

for particular fonts like the Gothic font, is essential. Unless an operator is trained for such fonts they would find it impossible to enter the document.

Each operator should have a hardcopy list of the fonts which they can refer to when ever there is any confusion. This is very helpful since many of the fonts are quite similar more so if the document is non-English.
For handwritten forms where data is primarily of contact information type having lookup menus are very helpful. Since numbers are more legible than alpha characters if we have a lookup menu for the city and state which a operator could easily identify and select on entering a zip code.

CyberData India , established in 1996, offers data entry solutions. We have worked on several projects which required us to enter data off handwritten forms/documents. These could be in English or non-English as long as they used the Roman font.

We consult with each of our customer's prior to project inception in order to provide them with a cost effective strategy. We provide unique solutions to suit every customer's needs. Partnering with our expertise in information management will allow you to concentrate on your core business, eliminate processing overhead and provide your company with results from a proven document processing company.