Data Transmission Precautions

Data Transmission Precautions to be Taken

Many organizations outsource their back-office work to vendors in developed countries. In this process there is the need for transmission of data back and forth between the outsourcer and the vendor. Data transmitted is usually critical in nature ranging from financial to medical records. There are several precautions which both parties should take to ensure data is not compromised.

PGP encryption

is one of the most secure methods of encrypting data. The outsourcers should send PGP encrypted files to vendors. Similarly data files should be PGP encrypted by vendors before sending back to the client. PGP is widely used by organizations who outsource medical records like HCFA to vendors for processing. A requisite for using PGP is for both parties to use the same version of the software.

Password protected zip files

files are another safe medium for transmitting data, though less secure than PGP encyrption. Many compression software are available like Winzip, WinRAR etc which are equally good for the purpose.

Use of secure FTP

for transmission of data is always advised compared to sending data attached to emails. Since emails are in the public domain and usually not encrypted, they could be accessed by a third party, it is never recommended to use emails for data transmission. FTPs are highly secure and also support quicker downloads of large volume data.

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