Data Security Issues

Data Security Issues

Many organizations outsource data entry projects to vendors in developing countries but are wary about the security of their data. Most data created is very critical in nature bearing sensitive information like financial or medical details. If this data were leaked at the vendor end and got into the wrong hands it could cause mayhem for the outsourcing organizations.

Data entry service companies do take a lot of precautions to prevent this from happening. But then there are always exceptions where some fly-by-night operators or their personnel have sold data to a third party causing immense damage to the outsourcing organization.

Some of the precautions which should necessarily be taken by the data entry service companies to ensure data security are:

1. Have all personnel sign a bond

where-in they would be held liable for huge damages if data were comprised by them. This acts as a very good deterrent to most, who might otherwise be tempted.

2. Disable writing/printing devices on the shop floor

The few devices which may be needed in the operations should have very restricted access.

3. Disable all USB ports

Pen drives have become a very convenient media for data transfer and are very low cost, easily affordable by all. These are generally carriers of virus and could compromise the network, in addition to helping pilfer data. Only limited USB ports should be enabled with very restricted access.

4. Restricted Internet access

For offline jobs there is no need for internet access. Internet connectivity should be restricted for operators working on offline projects. Only operators working on online projects should be given access to the internet.

5. Use a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network)

for online data entry projects. Since all data entry is performed in the client-end server and no data is downloaded by the data entry vendor this is the most secure process.

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